The Benefits of Receiving Same-Day (E4D) Crowns

Modern dentistry provides innovative solutions for patients who want the convenience of same-day service delivering convenience and time savings. With E4D crowns, you can ease the process of obtaining a restorative solution, particularly if you don’t have the time or can’t afford to take off from work for multiple dental appointments. In a single visit to the dentist, you can receive an all-ceramic crown that is designed to fit your mouth perfectly.

Same-Day Dentistry for Crowns

Today’s dental patients can enjoy same-day treatments for dental crowns. With a single visit and access to CAD/CAM software and equipment, patients can obtain a metal-free dental crown without the traditional wait, inconvenience of several visits, and loss of time from work. Today’s dentists can design and fit a same-day crown offering durability and an aesthetically pleasing appearance with ease and precision. From the initial examination to the digital scan to the creation of the crown to its placement – the process is quick and painless!

Enjoying the Benefits of Getting Same Day Crowns

For patients, the benefits of choosing same day crowns as a restorative measure for severely damaged teeth offer good reasons to do so. These benefits include:

  • Convenience – only one appointment is needed to obtain your E4D restoration, so you enjoy the benefit of getting your crown during your first appointment.
  • No Temporary Crown – since you receive a permanent crown during the appointment, you do not need to get a temporary crown.
  • No unpleasant molds – since laser technology is used, you don’t need to have a silicone mold created.
  • Customizability – your same day crown is designed specifically to fit your mouth by aligning up properly with your teeth.
  • Quality – the crown margins are highly accurate due to advanced technology and superior digital software and solutions.
  • Fast results – you save time because the entire process takes place in a single visit.