When periodontal disease and tooth decay lead to loss of your teeth, you don’t have to stop smiling. New technology has made today’s denture options more comfortable and natural looking than ever before. Not only will dentures allow you to enjoy the foods you love – they will also subtract years from the look of your face. Lost teeth can result in a decrease in muscle tone around the jaw, which leads to sagging and wrinkles. Dentures return the structure of your mouth to normal, lending support to the muscles for an overall improvement in your appearance.

Many fear that giving up their remaining teeth in favor of dentures will be painful, and they have concerns that dentures will be unattractive and inconvenient. Modern techniques for tooth extraction and denture fitting make the process nearly pain-free, and you will be offered superior sedation and pain-relief options to eliminate any remaining aches and tenderness. Our specialists are available to advise you on the most effective ways to speed up your acclimation to your new dentures. Before you know it, you will be talking, eating, and laughing with ease.

Your dentist will create an exact impression of your mouth to ensure a snug fit, using advanced materials designed for ease and accuracy. Your finished dentures won’t resemble those you remember from years ago, with bright pink plastic “gums” and brilliant artificial-looking teeth. In fact, the new process makes dentures look so real, that your friends will have trouble detecting the difference.

Dental experts keep your unique needs first and foremost, and they will tweak the fit of your dentures until they feel just right. Your new teeth will be durable and long-lasting, requiring only that you follow a minimal regimen of care – a quick rinse after meals, brushing with a specially designed denture brush, and soaking in water and a cleansing product overnight.

Flash your smile, dine with ease, and keep your speech clear with dentures tailored specifically to you. Promote a lifetime of good health and regain your self-confidence with our state-of-the-art denture expertise. Call or email us today for your consultation, and take the first step in regaining your dental health.  Our office has convenient hours, and is simple to find at 425 N. Overland Ave. Burley, ID 83318 (next to WalMart).