Old fashioned silver fillings might seem inexpensive, but in the long run you will question their value. Officially called “silver amalgam”, the substance is made of half mercury and half other metals, including silver, tin, and/or copper. Mercury is extremely toxic, and it is known to cause nervous system issues. Therefore, many consumers and healthcare professionals are questioning the wisdom of its continued use in dentistry.

The American Dental Association (ADA) supports the use of silver fillings, but many health experts have grave concerns. Why risk it when tooth-colored or “composite resin” fillings are easily available to you?

Mercury has another drawback – its size changes in hot or cold temperatures. While this quality is useful in a thermometer, when it is put into a filling, it can eventually cause the tooth to break. Plus, with its high level of conductivity, having mercury in your tooth can leave you sensitive to hot and cold foods.

Silver amalgam has to be replaced at some point, because the metal eventually succumbs to corrosion. When yours must come out, consider putting in tooth-colored fillings instead. New technology makes them as durable as silver, strong enough for use in your heavy-duty chewing molars.

Tooth-colored fillings give your smile a natural look, as they are colored to match the rest of your teeth. You will regain your self-confidence and enjoy social events when you can laugh without any self-consciousness.

Less filling is needed with composite resin, meaning you keep much more of your own tooth when the filling is complete. As an extra benefit, you can cut down on drilling when you have tooth-colored fillings.

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