Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy refers to techniques used to restore health to the gum tissues that support teeth. Teeth gums are able to get infected, just like a tooth can get infected. This infection is known as gum disease. Gum disease has few symptoms at first, so it’s important to pay close attention to your gums.

If your gums look inflamed, change color from usual healthy pink to an angry red, or give you pain, you could be experiencing the start of gum disease.

Many people think that bleeding while brushing or flossing is normal, but this is not the case. If bleeding occurs regularly when you brush or floss your teeth, that could be a sign that your gums aren’t as healthy as they could be. Lingering bad breath is another sign that something might be wrong.

Severe cases of gum disease, when left unchecked, are linked with serious medical conditions. Some of these include heart disease, as well as infection in various parts of the body from bacteria that gets to the bloodstream through damaged gums.

Treatment Options

Regular dental care will identify issues early, so you can schedule periodontal therapy before any permanent harm is done. When the roots of your teeth become infected, your dentist can clean them with a treatment known as scaling and root planing. More severe cases might call for taking out the damaged tissue, called root surface debridement.

Root canals are also an option. A root canal involves cleaning away the infected areas of the roots of the teeth. We use the latest sedation dentistry techniques to guarantee that you will feel comfortable and calm throughout any of these procedures.

Call or email us to schedule an appointment for a complete check of your teeth and gums. Trust us to catch gum disease early, so we can treat it quickly and easily—before it becomes a serious concern.