Elevate Your Smile and Confidence with Orthodontic Treatments at Seasons Dental

Are you unhappy with the alignment of your teeth or bite? Orthodontic treatments can help you achieve your smile goals. Seasons Dental in Burley, Idaho, offers clear aligners to ensure crooked teeth or a misaligned bite doesn’t stand in the way of your healthy, straight smile. 

Don’t let that misaligned smile make you miss out on important things in life. Schedule an appointment with Drs. Chad Bodily and Ty Bodily for orthodontic treatment. 

Why you should straighten your teeth

When discussing dental care, people immediately gravitate towards cosmetics when looking for a straight smile. Of course, a perfectly aligned smile aesthetically improves your smile, but orthodontics goes beyond cosmetics.

These are the functional reasons you should consider teeth straightening services.

  • Improved chewing ability
  • Restoring natural speech
  • Improving oral health because straighter teeth are easy to clean
  • To prevent health complications like bruxism and TMJ disorder
  • Enhanced self-confidence

When straightening teeth, you don’t always have to use traditional braces. Well, conventional braces have their place in dentistry, but dental technology has led to more discreet and comfortable treatments. Our office offers clear aligner therapy that uses removable and minimally invisible aligners to perfect your smile conveniently and discreetly. 

What to expect from clear aligner therapy

The first step when you want to perfect your smile with clear aligners is to schedule an appointment with a qualified dentist. During this initial consultation, we examine your teeth, bite, and general oral health to ensure you are an ideal candidate for minimally invisible aligners.

Clear aligner therapy is a computerized orthodontic system that starts by taking impressions of your teeth. Rather than use goop-based impressions, the dentist takes digital scans of your teeth to create a simulated treatment plan, showing how and when each tooth will reach optimal alignment. Our dental lab also uses these digital scans to create customized aligners.

Dental doctor

Once your aligners arrive, you’ll pick them up from our office as we show you how to wear and maintain them. You must wear your aligners for 20-22 hours daily. You’re allowed to remove your aligners only when eating or cleaning your teeth. Also, your aligners are worn sequentially, switching the current set with the next in line every two weeks until you achieve your alignment goals.

Orthodontic treatment near me

Want to reap the benefits of a perfectly aligned smile with orthodontic treatments? Call (208) 679-1679 to schedule an appointment with Seasons Dental. We are centrally located in Burley, ID, but we serve the nearby locations of Rupert, Heyburn, Hansen, Paul, Oakley, Malta, Raft River, Deary, Richfield, Jackson, Acequia, Minidoka, and Murtaugh, ID.